Launched in 2017 as a place for poetry nerds, literature lovers, and life's critics, this site quickly adopted a 'college lifestyle' focus and is my personal collection of commentaries on life. 


It all started when my senior year, AP Lit teacher forced an entire class of reluctant teenagers to start a blog. It would be here where we would post our inordinately long poetry analysis assignments as well as our original work. I jokingly named the site Being Critical because anyone who knows me will affirm that I can whip out a sarcastic essay about (literally) anything whenever wherever.


After doing some of my classwork here, I also mustered up the courage to post some other original writing I had done in my spare time. My teacher pulled me into his office and convinced me that I must use this platform for more than just assignments because I "have a unique and sophisticated outlook on life." 


So here I am.


Being Critical offers a criticism (in the best sense of the word) of life peppered with sarcasm and the occasional punchline. I make absolutely no promises about what will happen here, though, as I am still finding my voice as both a writer and a person.

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